Thursday, April 17, 2014

Week In Review

I thought I'd save this time for a look back at the week. This post is dedicated to the little things throughout the week I couldn't have made an entire post about.

I couldn't help myself, so I stopped by the field again to get more pictures. 

Indian Paintbrush

While walking around campus I happened to run onto an awesome A&M tradition. A member of the Corps of Cadets had just proposed to his girlfriend under the Century Tree, which is located in Academic Plaza. Tradition has it that whoever you walk under the Century Tree with you two will get married. This was the first time for me to see this happen. A large crowd of spectators had gathered to see the ceremony. 

Academic Building located in Academic Plaza. The Century Tree is planted to the front left of the building. 

While in Academic Plaza, I took the famous picture of the pennies on Ol' Sul Ross. Tradition has it that a penny at the feet of the Sullivan Ross statue he will give you good luck on your next test. The statue is full of pennies during finals week (as well as bags of pennies and dollar bills).

I had been scheduled to meet with my advisor to discuss my registration Monday morning. This was also the morning that the sky decided to send down rain. It seems I wasn't too prepared because all morning I was walking around campus trying to get the correct papers that my advisor needed. Long story short, after I got everything that I needed and finished I was waiting for the elevator when I turned around. Even being stressed, tired, and soaking wet it felt good to turn around and see this. Rudder Tower and Kyle Field are seen in the far left background. 

I don't know if you were excited as I was, but the Crossvine has finally bloomed. This beautiful, evergreen vine blooms all Spring. The trumpet shaped flowers dominate the scene of wherever it grows.